How do I hear about your upcoming auctions?

Q: I want to get notifications of upcoming auctions. How can I do that?

A: The easiest way to be notified of upcoming auctions is to click on the “Email List” in the top header of this page.  You will be directed to a page where you can select the types of notifications you wish to receive.

Brochures are not mailed on all auctions so the email list is absolutely your best way to be notified of our upcoming auctions.

The emails and our website have much more information than the mailed brochures including many more pictures, full catalog listings and more.  And you can get this information much sooner.

We send these emails about once a week.  And if you want to discontinue them there is a handy ‘unsubscribe’ link on each email for that purpose.

How to Buy at Digibidz?

Q: I have never been to an auction.  What can I expect?

A: While our auctions are quick paced, rest assured, we will not intimidate you or take your bid only because you blinked. We strive to make our auctions friendly and easy to understand for the first time attendee.  Our Live auctions will be conducted in an indoor auction gallery with monitors through-out which will constantly update you with bidding progress of our items.  In our live online auctions you will be bidding against the audience and our online bidders from around the globe.  The online auctions are 100% online at Digibidz.com.  Please click here and you will be forwarded to register and start bidding.  We are here to assist you if you have any issues bidding.  Please contact us with any further questions.

Q: How do I know when and where your next auction will be?

A: The easiest way to be notified of upcoming auctions is to click on the “Email List” in the top header of this page. You will be directed to a page where you can select the types of notifications you wish to receive. We recommend adding info@Digibidz.net to your address book or list of accepted sites to prevent blocking or filtering. You can also bookmark our upcoming auctions page for the latest auction schedule.

Q: What do I do when I get to the Live Onsite Auction, how do I bid?

A: Sign up at the registration office (w/ a valid ID) and you will receive a bidder number. We then encourage you to look over all the items closely. Remember, all auction items are sold as is, where is, so it is your responsibility to look over the items carefully. When the auction begins and you are ready to bid, just simply hold that number up high, so that the auctioneer and staff will be able to see your bid. Our auction staff will be happy to assist you and answer any questions that you might have.

Q: Is a preview time available?

A: Yes, there is always ample preview time available for you to look over the items and become familiar with all the items that will be sold during the auction. Preview times will vary, so check the details of that auction.

Q: If I preview and see something that I want to bid on, but am unable to attend the auction, can I place an absentee bid?

A: Yes, contact the auctioneer or registration staff during preview time; you will be given a special form to fill out with the item number, description and the maximum amount that you are willing to pay. Then, during the auction, the auctioneer will bid on your behalf, up to, but not over the designated maximum amount. All auctions have online pre-bidding and real time bidding available as well. Please register on Digibidz.com to take advantage of this service.

Q: If I purchase a vehicle or a trailer when will I get the title?

A: Digibidz is required by the State of Michigan to broker all titled items sold. A $100.00 broker fee will be charged for all vehicles which we need to broker. In addition a $15.00 fee for title transfer will be charged. Non-Michigan Residents will pay according to their state rules for titled vehicles. Buyers will need to sign the appropriate paperwork required by the state for title transfers. It will take approximately 10 business days to receive your title from the Secretary of State.

Q: What form of payment is accepted?

A: We gladly accept Cash, MasterCard, Visa, Discover, American Express, business check w/ bank letter of guarantee and bank wire transfer. All items must be paid for on the day of the auction or as announced by the auctioneer.


  • Cash (U.S. currency)
  • Certified cashier’s check made payable to Digibidz.
  • Checks with ID on established accounts.  These checks must be approved by Telecheck.
  • Check w/ Bank letter of guarantee addressed to Digbidz (view a sample letter below).
  • Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express.
  • Bank Wire transfers – please call (231) 660-1050 for instructions.

Q: Is there a Buyers’ Premium?

A: The total Buyers Premium at our auctions varies but there is consistently a 3% portion of the premium which is variable. If payment is made with cash or cash equivalent, then we will discount 3% of the premium (Cash or cash equivalent is as follows: Cash, Cashier Check, Bank Wire Transfer or Check w/ Bank Letter of Guarantee).

Q: Do I need to remove my items the day of the auction, or can they be picked up at a later date?

A: All items must be removed within five business days, unless otherwise noted or special provisions have been made. Storage costs are $10 per day per item which is responsibility of the buyer. Please pickup your items during normal business hours.

Q: Will there be someone there to help me load up my purchases?

A: At the auctions conducted at our facility we provide complimentary forklift loading, carts and dollies. At other auctions please inquire as to the availability of loading facilities as they vary and loading is the purchaser’s responsibility. We do not supply tie down materials or packaging. Simply ask any of our staff and they will be more than happy to assist you.

QWhere can I see the complete Catalog for the auction?

A: For each auction we have we post the catalog on Digibidz.com typically at least 24 hours before the auction.

Q: I am buying for resale and do not want to pay taxes.  What do I need to do?

A:  Sales tax applies for this auction if you are a buyer from Michigan. If you are exempt from paying sales tax, you must fax a completed sales tax exemption form to our office attention accounting: Fax no. (231) 695-5905 or email to info@Digibidz.com Email invoices will be sent after the auction has been reconciled.

How to Sell at Digibidz?

Q: How do I know what to do with all this stuff, what do I keep, and what do I throw away?

A: The staff at Digibidz will be more then happy to come out and do a confidential, no fee consultation for you. We can assess your belongings and explain the auction process, so that you can comfortably make a decision that you feel good about.

Q: What kind of auction merchandise do you accept?

A: We sell a variety of items, including vehicles, heavy construction & contracting equipment, landscape & rental yard equipment, commercial restaurant equipment, machine shop & industrial equipment, household, estate, real estate and much more. The following items will no be accepted: Food, Medicine, Used Clothing (except for Outdoor/Hunting Gear), Personal Hygiene Products, Old Computers and Monitors,  Console Televisions, Adult Material, Cribs, Mattresses, Broken Tables, Broken Furniture, and Car Seats. Exceptions may be made on a case-by-case basis. Auction staff reserves the right to refuse any item deemed “not saleable.” We have updated our sellers info with a list of items that will not be accepted which you can “view here”.

Q: Do I bring the items to you, or do you pick the items up?

A: We do offer a pickup service for Northern Michigan, please talk to one of our customer service professionals to inquire about rates and scheduling.

Q: How quickly do I receive payment after the auction?

A: Due to bidder’s one week pick-up policy, checks will be sent out approximately two weeks after the auction date.

Q: What is the commission rate for items consigned at auction?

A: Please contact us for this information. We will be more then happy to detail this for you.

Online Bidding at Digibidz.


We have 3 types of on-line auction components. 

1. Internet-only Auction

An internet-only auction is similar to an eBay auction but has the additional feature of extending the closing times on items with bidding activity within a set time of the scheduled close of the item. The assets are posted on our website prior to the actual closing time of the auction. Bidders may start bidding after registering for the auction by bidding early or waiting until the actual start time for an item. An ‘AutoBid’ can be placed that allows the systems bid for the bidder up to a set amount without any more input from the bidder.

2. Internet Pre-Bidding

Pre-Bidding is used in conjunction with a live auction and is similar to placing a proxy bid.  This is used where the bidder cannot attend the live auction.  The bidding takes place similar to the Internet-Only auction except that the bidding closes prior to the actual start of the live auction.  An auction representative will bid for the winning pre-bidders up to their winning bids. *Note:  The pre-bidders are represented just as if they were at the live auction.  Their bids are submitted during the live bidding and most times they are awarded the bids for less than their Max Bids. If the live bidding surpasses the highest pre-bid it will be awarded to the bidder attending the auction.  You are never awarded the bid at a price greater than your winning Pre-Bid. Many times the pre-bidding is not very strong so the most important bids are the Max Bids.  If a nominal bid is placed and is the highest pre-bid, it will almost assuredly be exceeded by the live bidding.

3. Live Auction with Real-Time Internet Bidding (Digibidz.com)

These auctions are conducted through Digibidz.com.  Here internet bidders compete in real-time against the bidders at the live auction.  This is performed right from the bidders computer at the Digibidz site.  The bidding platform will show pictures and descriptions of the items listed. It is recommended that bidders physically preview the assets if possible as in all auctions the winning bidders are obligated to pay for their purchases regardless of their condition Bidders may also place Max Bids before the selling of items and the Digibidz system will bid up to the maximum if necessary.

Q: What do I do after the auction if I purchased items online?

A: We will prepare an invoice and email the invoice to you.  Or you can call the office the day after the auction to get an invoice emailed or faxed to you.

Q: Do you arrange shipping for items I purchase online?

A: Removal and shipping is buyer’s responsibility and expense. Shipping is NOT automatically available for online purchases. If you would like items shipped you must contact our office (231) 660-1050, one of the Service Providers listed with Digibidz or make your own arrangements. We will be happy to help you load your items.

Auction Terms and Conditions


Buyer agrees upon registration to be bound by the terms and conditions of this sale.

All payment must be made day of sale. Payment may be made by, cash, cashier check, business check w/ letter of guarantee, MasterCard, Visa, Discover, American Express or bank wire transfer. All items must be removed by specified removal date, unless otherwise noted or special provisions have been made.

All announcements auction day, by auctioneer, take precedence over all prior releases, verbal or written, concerning this sale. In case of tie bid, the bidding may be reopened at the auctioneer’s discretion between the two tie bidders.

Absentee bids, and online bids are legal and binding and the winning bidder must pay for the item(s) in full. Buyers’ premium may be charged and will be added to the final bid amount before sales tax. All sales are taxable, unless exempt from such, or a proper sales tax resale permit has been filled out.

Decisions of the auctioneer are final.

Prospective buyers are advised that each and every item or lot will be sold to the highest bidder for cash or it’s equivalent.

The balance of purchases and fees will be due prior to pick up or release of the items or lots. If no purchases are recorded, or if high bids are rejected by selling agency, any money placed as a deposit will be refunded to buyer.

Digibidz expressly reserves the right to determine the manner of conducting the auction and the right to sell items or lots by individual or group lots as it deems appropriate.

Digibidz assumes no liability for errors or omissions in this or any other listing.

Once an item is announced as sold, you are the owner and are responsible for it. It is the buyers’ responsibility to inspect all items prior to bidding. No refunds. The buyer acknowledges that they or their agent has inspected all items which they will be bidding on or eventually purchasing. Buyer agrees to accept items purchased “AS IS, WHERE IS, WITH ANY AND ALL FAULTS” and “WITH NO WARRANTIES OF ANY KIND”. The auctioneer expressly disclaims for itself and as agent of any seller any warranty as to fitness for particular use or merchantability of all items offered. The buyer expressly waives any claim in respect to any possible future use of any item purchased for any purpose whatsoever. The buyer does hereby assume and does agree to indemnify and hold the auctioneer, his agents and any sellers harmless from any and all future claims or liability.

Digibidz is required by the State of Michigan to broker all titled items sold. A $100.00 broker fee will be charged for all vehicles which we need to broker. In addition a $15.00 fee for title transfer will be charged. Non-Michigan Residents will pay according to their state rules for titled vehicles. Buyers will need to sign the appropriate paperwork required by the state for title transfers. It will take approximately 10 business days to receive your title from the Secretary of State.

Items may be offered for sale with Reserve or Minimum Bid Requirements.

Bidders are advised that failure to pay for purchases in full within the posted payment requirements may result in a cancellation of the sale. A cancellation may result in the item being offered for sale in a subsequent sale, either through public auction or private negotiated sale. Non paying bidders agree that they may be financially liable for any difference in lost sale values and buyers fees. Non paying bidders may be charged all expenses related to the collection of lost fees and charges.



Failure to remove items within the listed times, whether paid or not, shall make any deposits subject to forfeit. It is the Auctioneers belief that each item has been carefully and accurately described. The Auctioneer has obtained the enclosed information and descriptions from sources deemed to be reliable. Prospective buyers are advised that the Auctioneer does not guarantee the accuracy of descriptions or conditions of the subject property.

The descriptions herein are subject to changes that may be made at the time of the sale. Changes made at the time of sale, to the order of the sale or any terms and conditions of the sale will supersede any previously issued item.

All attendees of the auction are advised that by their admission to the auction site, they assume full responsibility for their personal loss or injury, and agree to hold harmless of any claims the auctioneer, consignees, landlords or their agents.

Sample Bank Letter of Credit

(NOTE: This is to be printed on Bank or Financial Institution Letterhead)



405 Dale Ave. P.O. Box 905

Mancelona, MI 49659

RE: (Bidder’s full name)

Please be advised that ____(bank name)____ will guarantee payment for a check written up to ____($)______ for ____(buyer)____ for checks drawn on account # ___________.

This guarantee is valid for purchases made on ___(auction date)_____ at Digibidz. NO STOP PAYMENTS WILL BE ISSUED OR HONORED.

Please call me with any questions at ____(#)_______.


Bank Officer’s Signature___________________________

Bidder’s Signature________________________________